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About Us



Here's Who We Are...

Wanrich Coffee is a family-owned farming company established in 2016. Our coffee is grown in one of the wonders of the world, the Great Rift Valley which stretches from The Middle East down to Africa.

Our Farms are located in Trans Nzoia County within the Western Kenya slopes of Mt Elgon. The natural volcanic topography allows for appropriate draining and cooling of the crop.


Our Standards

- Our Coffee Farms

Our finest coffee trees are grown at altitudes of 1800 meters ideal for the plants as it provides cloud cover, mist and optimal temperature.

- Quality and Quantity

We dedicate our resources to grow the best possible coffee and secure consistent quantity and quality during the growing season.

- Process the Coffee

Our quality standards traverse through the growing season, picking, pulping, washing, fermentation and drying; taking our Coffee Cup between 84 to 88 points.


Farming Environment

Altitude – Soil – Rainfall – Temperature

The ecological conditions here are favourable for growing the best coffee due to the young volcanic soils that are very fertile.

The climate in the region is favourable with mild temperatures that do not go above 28 degrees Celsius (82 F) which are accompanied by adequate rainfall throughout the years.  These areas produce a cup with medium acidity full body with some fruity overtones and a rich chocolate taste.

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Our coffee is grown in one of the wonders of the world, The Great Rift Valley which stretches from the Middle East down to Africa.


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