Kenya Coffee☕Producers

We GROW and EXPORT: Traceable, High Quality Coffee Beans.


Coffee Variety

Arabica Coffee with comparatively less caffeine.

Currently we have

  • Batian,
  • Ruiru 11,
  • Ruiru Grafted and
  • The SL Variety – SL28 and SL34.


To create great connection of ‘Single Origin' coffee from the other side of the Great Rift Valley.


To deliver Specialty Coffee that can be traced to its source and create great connections and experiences with our clients.

Core Values

☕ Quality
☕ Sustainability
☕ Trustworthiness
☕ Customer service


Our ProcessES

Fully Washed Coffee

Selective picking of ripe beans by skilled farmworkers. The picked beans are further cherry sorted to remove unwanted elements (twigs, leaves, dry berries)

We remove the pulp from the cherry and ferment it overnight.

The following day we wash the beans and soak or ferment them for a second time. The next day they are washed and put straight into the drying beds.


We pick the best ripe cherries and dry the directly on the bed.

Other Processes

We at Wanrich are open to other processes to meet our customers’ expectations for example we do Natural Anaerobic Fermentation and hydro-honey process too.

For all these processes the coffee is sun drying on mesh tables



What They Say...


Why Buy Our Coffee

Our Coffee Simply Stands Out!

Location: Our coffee is grown in Kenya along the escarpments of the Great Rift Valley. The reputation of Kenyan grown coffee precedes itself.

Our farmlands are endowed with rich volcanic soil, the altitude is about 1800 Meters and the strategic geographical location provides adequate rainfall with optimal temperatures that ensure our coffee is of the highest quality.

Impeccable Taste: We guarantee our buyers that coffee beans exported contain the rich flavour and intense aroma only true coffee lovers can discern.

Quality: We produce specialty coffee that has always received a high Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cup score of 85% and above.

Wanrich Investments Ltd

Coffee Altitude

Our coffee is grown in one of the wonders of the world, The Great Rift Valley, Trans Nzoia Region at an altitute of 1,800m above sea level

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